We provide our clients with clean & well-maintained environments, enabling them to focus on their core activities and goals. Our well trained, conscientious staff take pride in their work and our management team of supervisors and operations managers provide a proactive, structured approach delivering consistently high standards.

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WE ESTABLISHED OURSELVES AS A CLEANING COMPANY IN LONDON IN 2012.  Since then, The Organised Cleaning Company has gained extensive experience providing cleaning services to clients. Our office is based in Staples...


We believe in accreditations and how this adds value to our clients. Here are a list of those we have obtained or are currently working towards obtaining shortly: OUR ACCREDITATIONS Safe...

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The Organised Cleaning Blog

A useful guide to pest prevention for the spring and summertime…

To implement a useful and effective pest prevention strategy, it’s important to understand trends in pest activity. This will enable you to prepare your home or business against pests so that they don’t pose a threat. We thought we’d provide some useful pest prevention tips in this blog post: A general guide […]

What is the security challenge in contract cleaning?

According to UK Home Office data, an estimated 500,000 to 900,000 people work illegally in Britain, with many based in London. There are hundreds of thousands of fraudulent identity documents in circulation in the UK, yet few cleaning contractors have the ability to spot them. This poses a significant security […]

How to make the perfect house cleaning schedule!

Creating the perfect house cleaning schedule is a tricky task. A well-designed schedule can remove the stress of cleaning and give you a great sense of achievement when your home is tidy. Areas for your house cleaning schedule Let’s take a look at the general areas that your house cleaning schedule will […]

How to find a cleaning company for your office

Want to switch the cleaning company you currently use for your office? Maybe you’ve only just got round to investing in a professional cleaning service? Finding the right cleaning company There are many cleaning companies offering different types of cleaning services. It’s important that you pick one that’s right for your […]