The Organised Cleaning Company provides a nationwide outsourced cleaning solution for softer service providers. We partner with security companies, facilities managers and property maintenance companies who need a service partner which compliments their core business.

Dual or Multi Service Package

A picture of the word outsourcing depicting outsourced cleaning

In today’s fast paced business environment, clients are looking for service providers that offer more than one service. Our research found that cleaning ranks top of the list of services clients want from their security providers.

Our outsourced cleaning solution enables service providers to offer a dual or multi-service package to clients. The benefit of this solution are adding an additional revenue stream to their business at zero cost.

Outsourced Cleaning Solution

As your cleaning service partner, we conduct the contract management process from site visit to quoting and fulfilling the contract. The Organised Cleaning Company provides you with the support you need to fulfil your client’s cleaning requirements. Our outsourced cleaning solutions enables you to have an in-house cleaning division on demand!

Whether you’re looking to offer clients cleaning support during or out of hours, or tender for security & cleaning contracts, The Organised Cleaning Company will help. 

Commercial Cleaning Services

As your cleaning services partner, we can provide the following services to your clients:

Our service can be arranged nationwide to cater for your clients requirements. 

Free Site Assessment and No Obligation Quote 

If you want to offer commercial cleaning as part of your service, our outsourced cleaning solution will help. As part of our solution we will carry out a free site assessment of your client’s premises to assess their cleaning requirements. We will then provide you with a free no obligation quote to present to your clients.

Contact us today on 020 7458 4433 and speak with one of our team about The Organised Cleaning Company becoming your cleaning services partner.