A picture with saying no to bugs to help with pest prevention

To implement a useful and effective pest prevention strategy, it’s important to understand trends in pest activity. This will enable you to prepare your home or business against pests so that they don’t pose a threat. We thought we’d provide some useful pest prevention tips in this blog post:

A general guide to prest prevention

Spring time is here!

When spring arrives, wasps come out in force as the look to nest. In the winter the cold weather kills of many hibernating pests, but this isn’t the case with wasps. A warm winter reduces the wasp population as it encourages queen wasps to come out of hibernation early. With limited nectar sources, wasps are at greater risk of starvation, therefore killing the off early.

Useful tips:

  • Early treatment prevents large infestations later in the year;
  • Implementing a strict waste management and storage procedure is very important; and
  • Prevents birds from nesting and landing on roofs and ledges of buildings as bird fouling can be hazardous. Specialist cleaning services to remove bird guano is crucial!

When the sun comes out…

The summer sunshine brings out pests in their masses! Fly & wasp colonies are fully grown and developed, which can cause an unwanted distraction for staff and clients in the office. From mid-summer onwards, wasps switch from consuming protein to sugar. Wasps become an increasing nuisance as they feed on fermenting fruit, making picnicking less desirable.

Garden ant and flying ant activity also increases during the summer months. Flying ants are young queens & males engaging in a nuptial flight during mating season. When local weather conditions are appropriate, this phenomenon occurs in many colonies simultaneously, although it generally happens only once a year.

Top tips:

  • Strict food & drink hygiene both indoors and outdoors is essential!;
  • Make sure that comprehensive cleaning process implemented at home and in the office;
  • Keep windows and doors closed or screened; and
  • Implementing a strict waste management and storage procedure to prevent ant infestations.

 Finally thoughts on pest prevention…

The rise in average temperatures has increased the growth and spread of pests, especially in Southern England. Make sure you take a proactive approach with your pest prevention requirements. Appointing pest elimination experts to help and provide advice on pest prevention is the best way to make sure that your home or business is protected.

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